Wednesday, 13 March 2013

CSS general questions


Are you really reading the CSS tutorial very well then try to answer this questions.
1. What is CSS stands for?
2.  Which type of defining CSS style have maximum priority?
3. If we want to give the maximum priority to other types of defining CSS styles which keyword is to be used?
4. What is the difference between display: none and visibility: hidden?
5. What is the difference between position: absolute and position: relative?
6. What is the difference between rgb and rgba colors?
7. Why we use background-style as "cover"?
8. What is the meaning of "inherit" in CSS property value? Is all the CSS property have the "inherit" value?
9. Is we can give the inline and embedded CSS style for the same element?
10. Which property is must when we work with bottom, top, left, right?
11. Can we hide the mouse pointer using CSS?
12. which property does not allow the floating elements?
13. What are the three properties to hide the elements from the document?
14. Which property is used to disabling the events?
15. How you convert lowercase text to uppercase in CSS?
16. what is the difference between display:block and display:inline-block?
17. How you vertically allign the text in the document using CSS?
18. How you give space between the characters?
19. Give example for z-index property using in real-time?
20. What is the difference between nth-child selector and nth-of-type selector? 

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